About Us


Mina Karagianni and the island of the winds are the ultimate “mix & match”.
What did you study?
I studied classic and Modern History of Architecture as well as Interior Design and decoration at the Centre d Etudes Classiques de Geneve followed by a specialized course in San Francisco, U.S.A. about large companies’ Corporate Identity. I worked there for the signalization of the San Francisco International Airport and later in London as a designer in an architectural office dealing with the study and design of the satellite city of Milton Keynes.

What exactly is the activity of your company “Match”?
Back to Greece I was responsible through my interior design office for an important number of well known projects of private villas, offices, showrooms, malls etc. Over the years I realized the absence of very special progressive materials in the Greek market and so I created Match.
In “Match” Modern Materials and Techniques SA I gathered a large group of internationally established decorative covering materials, which are exclusively represented in the Greek market. Ingenuity and innovation are my philosophy and the aim is to inspire the architectural world of today through the harmonious co-existence of our products. Match is the first company in Greece since the ’80s to introduce products other than the common tiles, gypsum ceilings and emulsion paints used until then in the construction field. Our construction company ‘’Match” Luxury Residential Properties SA, based in Mykonos Island is also inspired by these products and applies them on our own projects of summer houses creating a very unique concept and design. ‘’Match” Luxury Residential Properties SA is the highest quality and design construction company on the island (rent or sale) of high class luxury villas.

What led you to move your business activities to the island?
It was a completely impulsive decision, without a second thought, research or even planning. I had no doubt that it would be a success. As a designer I felt that “Match” products are a perfect ‘’match’’ for the island and its stylistic outlook. If not in Mykonos then where else?

What is your strong point?
In Match Modern Materials and Techniques we offer our customers in the fields of architecture and design, private, individuals or professionals, the potential to get inspired and create an individual unique environment. Our personal collection of materials and our concern of their needs give them the opportunity to choose exceptional but simple, practical but advanced materials and to create a superior style for their homes or their projects. In our own constructions we built by using them too. As per match residential properties, we offer the ultimate relaxed, happy hours. This unique feeling of nature and freedom, the unforgettable memories earned while staying in our retreat are difficult to describe. Only our guests could speak about what is this taste.

What are the products you mainly use in your constructions?

I work with the well-known Barrisol stretching ceilings, a lot of stone carpets, cement floors and wall techniques. Special Italian Limes and Lime casts, white aged oak wooden floors, white industrial self-levelling floorings, plaster, pebbles, mosaics etc. We import the furniture from all over the world faithful to an “Elegant, Ethnic, Country, Chic” style, yet with the modern influence and high technology equipment.

What do you admire the most about the people of Mykonos?
Some have managed to maintain their spontaneity, despite the immense external influences they are subject to. It is not that easy living at such a frantic place four months a year and still keep yourself intact.
Your favorite phrase?
Life is a challenge. Let us have the strength to choose to live where we can perform our best, where we are free to feel happy. And let us be blessed to feel this privilege.

How do you imagine Mykonos in 20 years?

The out of control construction in any place is destructive. Even more so in Mykonos. This island constitutes part of our country’s cultural heritage and has in one way or another been protected to some extent, contrary to other islands and other parts of Greece.

I am a different person in Mykonos. Every new day, despite the hard work, I feel happy and what is impressive on this island is that feeling of freedom, of peace, of enjoying the air, the sun, the sea, that slight hint of magic that we all experience the minute we arrive here.

I don t want to imagine the island in 20 years. I only want to wish that it will not change anymore. Let the time stop here and wish that the old handmade wind-ravaged stone walls across the fields and the roads will never get whipped off the map.